For this RUN YOUR WORLD piece, we envision three runners on their daily run, buzzing by and noticing the details of life in mini-cuts and fractions. We can also use this shooting style to draw a visual comparison between running and familiar elements of daily life. Incorporating everything from sped-up time lapses to dramatic slow motion, details and grand landscapes, fast-forward and reverse motion, we can create a visceral experience of what it feels like to RUN YOUR WORLD.  We will interweave three distinct “zones” to make the piece, incorporating the urban landscape, the wild and untamed outdoors, and the spaces we occupy in-between.  

Shooting over the course of three days in Boston, Portland and on the coast and forests along the way, we will set out with a runner and a shot list each shoot day to capture as much footage as we can.  The running will be captured wide, tight, and from our drone, focusing equally on the big moments and small details that hint at a runner’s world and lifestyle.  Using all the creative tools at our disposal - shooting through elements, incorporating slow-motion, utilizing multiple unique angles, time-lapse photography, reverse reveals, macro shots, drone footage,  etc - we will capture the details, textures, moments, feelings and life of these places that make up a runner’s world.